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Maloon TheBoom, the super talented swiss superstar and co founder of the Boyoom Connective alongside Melodiesinfonie is just about to drop a new EP Boy with a Box. These guys are about all the right things, love and good vibes and what better way to share these two things then through hip hop. Maloon TheBoom has a way of making everything he does sound sexy and all class. The silky smooth melodies gives you know other option but to sit back relax and enjoy. This tune below is one of my favourites from his last release back in December 2013. Spread, Be, Live is a fine example of spreading the love and light through hip hop.

Ill leave you with a quote from the man himself, “It’s not about the money! It’s about being deeply fulfilled by all that you do. It’s about earning a living by doing what satisfies you. It’s about the love for music. It’s about the love for people. I want you to enjoy my music, dive into it and have time to think! Live consciously and be aware!”

What an absolute legend.

If you like what you hear his EP can be purchased through this link >>>>>>>>>>> http://www.hhv.de/shop/de/artikel/maloon-theboom-boy-with-a-box-391582


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