BIG Buddha

After releasing a red hot debut album, After Forever with dutch label Dekmental, New Jersey producer Mr Joey Anderson is due to release something very special via Tanstaafl Planets, a Berlin/Bristol based record label. Anderson is generally know for his ‘house like’ music sound but really its something unlike any other house artist. Anderson has the ability to take you on a journey whilst grooving away on the dancefloor. He places a huge emphasis on the importance of being unique, and for me personally, technically magical in terms of production. Coming from a highly populated house music scene, Anderson is constantly striving to reach new levels and is forever leaving a solid imprint on his folllowers and music lovers alike. The 3 track EP is nothing short of brilliant with the premiere of the title track just released. “Head Down Arms Buddha Position” is the name and my god it will blow your mind. Techno charged and with a whole lot of OMMPFH, Anderson once again manages to take you on a journey, this one being a spiralling, winding and mystifying adventure through space.

Due to be released on the 10th of November, you can pre order this beauty here via Juno Records,


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