Swedish superstar Johan Cederberg aka HNNY released a very tasty EP just a few days ago via Yummy record label. Releasing material over several record labels with the likes of Local Talk, Puss and Lets Play House. He made his mark with a remix of a Mariah Carey classic in 2011 and has been charging forward with some big house classics ever since. HNNY has a silky smooth effortless style that although structurally simple has a way of placing you in a state of pure content. Most of his tracks are not overly obtrusive to the ear, it wont blow your socks off with a fat bass or ear piercing highs instead its simply pleasing to the ear, music you can sit back in your chair close your eyes and be taken somewhere far away, preferably somewhere with water, sand and lots of sunshine and maybe a cheeky cocktail. This track below encapsulates this perfectly. Titled 12.00, this tune boosts a whole lot of chill, you could definitely see yourself on a beach with a cocktail in hand listening to that oh so sweet guitar sample relaying over and over. Super funky, super chill, super tasty.

Close your eyes, open your ears and treat yourself. If you like what you hear this EP can be purchased via this link….


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