Prison Blues


Young British lad, Romare is about to release a new album via Ninjatune and from what i’ve heard so far its super sexy.  Fiercely supported by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Bonobo and Benji B this dude is doing something right. Titled Projections the tracks are described as ‘homages to elements of American/African culture in the USA’.  Taking his name from Romare Bearden, the well-known cut’n’paste artist / collagist, Romare adopts a very similar technique in terms of his music production. This track below titled Prison Blues is powerful to say the least. Romare has a way with samples and is able to encompass his audience in a place and time that for us almost feels like real life. Raw and primitive, this track gives you a sense of what he is trying to portray through out the whole album. Its got a nice undergound quality to it with many powerful elements and a whole lot of groove.

Projections will be available for purchase as of the 23rd of Feburary. You can also pre order it here via Ninjatune.


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