Botany – Au Revoir w/ Milo


Spencer Stephenson aka Botany has got some super fresh beats being dished out mid September. Growing up in rural North Texas, this mega dude knows whats up in relation to the ‘vibe’ that one often talks about. Emotionally and psychologically charged his music takes you on a psychedelic rainbow journey through fields and forests, with strong influences of both ambient, hip hop, jazz and electronica styles. Very in touch with nature and his surroundings Stephenson vibes strongly on the connection that music shares with the environment we live in, taken form the man himself, “Sounds have archetypal connections to things in nature the same way visual symbols do. Low-end might be associated with thunder, or the sound of a mother’s heartbeat as heard from inside the womb, or an approaching stampede, or earthquake. Low-end generally indicates something bigger and more powerful than you. Treble sounds indicate something deadly rattling through foliage or something vital like water flowing close by. Reverberation has a connection to the holy and transcendent, it implies spatial largeness. It’s fun to hear these symbols coming out of ear-buds in a world where they aren’t useful on a daily basis, but are still so subconsciously powerful.”

The fresh new album titled, Dimming Awe, the Light is Raw, is set to be released 18th of September via Western Vinyl , check out the stand out track below, full of shimmering fluid like beats, rolling into each other ever so smoothly with the fresh rhymes of rapper Milo. This one is special kids.


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