Patricia – Bem Inventory


If you like spine tingling, hard hitting, glitzed out techno then you will be all over the new release brought to us by Brooklyn based lord Patricia aka Max Ravitz. This vinyl was just released a few days ago via Opal Tapes, for those unfamiliar with these guys, they are a UK based record label run by mega legend Stephen Bishop specifically known for turning back the clock and producing some incredible experimental electronic/house/techno records exclusively on limited-run cassette tapes. Bishop, firmly entrenched in the internet has a certain knack for discovering some interesting producers who have that extra dose of oompffff. “A lot of people who I work with have been found through harvesting the likes of Soundcloud and YouTube”. “Sometimes even searching things and filtering the results so it shows me the least amount of views. It’s almost a game in some ways, to set yourself an hour to try to find something with less than fifty plays that’s just totally rad.”

Check out Patricias new release below definitely some of his finer works, super grunge, raw as fuck and maximum power.


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