Golden Donna – Seedy Approach

mannequins (1)

Atlanta based record label CGI Records are welcoming back big dude Joel Shanahan aka Golden Donna with a tasty four tracker EP just released a few days ago.Starting off, the first track on the A side titled Smirk a big sound dark room industrial number full of creepiness and down right raw. Strap is the following track a little less heavy more focused on smooth slinky chords centred around pitched vocals and crackles and pops. Flip this beauty over and you have almost a whole new realm, Shanahan has down a fantastic job of taking us on a spin tingling journey from deep dark depths up to sky rocketing shiny places. Secrets is the first titled track on the B side, filled with lush chords and dreamy fuzziness leaving you high up in the clouds. The second track to follow titled Seedy Approach is probably the most frantic of them all, a whirlwind of 808’s and wavey basslines and claps transporting you off to god knows where but all the more keen to find out.

Treaaatttt your ears people.


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