Elena Columbi – Lente Kabinet 2017

Lente Kabinet festival


Been away for someeee time but im back ❤ ❤

LEts dive straight in..

Elenaaa Columbiii —————-can do no wrong in my eyes/ears. Italian made, residing in London now she starting throwing some sweet parties way back when and managed to carve herself into the underground scene in no time. You would be most familiar with her strong presence on the ever faithful NTS radio station. What makes this lady so rad is that she doesn’t shy away from the weird and wonderful, she embraces all sounds not sectioning herself off to specific genres, and paying particular attention to obscure and undiscovered artists.

Heres a mix taken from her set she played at Lente Kabinet festival in Amsterdam (bloody top notch festival p.s)  a few months back.

By far one of the best mixes I have heard all year. ..Get ready to lose your marbles as she takes you on a wacked out journey through twisted realms, unconventional sounds and freaky affairs.



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